About: This national program is a great opportunity for Granger students to unleash their artistic talent.  Reflections is the National PTA's Arts Program that inspires children to get creative and create works of art in any of the six different art categories and the Special Artists category. 

Theme:  “Look Within”


  • Dance Choreography

  • Film Production

  • Literature

  • Music Composition

  • Photography

  • Visual Arts

  • Special Artists


Participation: Students in all grades 6-8 and all abilities may participate. Each student can create one project in each of the art categories.

Below are the documents and instructions that will help your artist as s/he works on his/her project.  Please pay special attention to the Official Rules for the category in which your artist is participating. Depending on the category, some of the rules are very specific. The Granger PTA is not allowed to advance any entries that do not fully comply with the National PTA Reflection Rules; therefore, entries not in compliance will not have the opportunity to advance to judging at the IPPC.

Student Packet with Entry Form

Special Category Rules:

Dance - Special Rules

Film Production - Special Rules

Literature - Special Rules

Music Composition - Special Rules

Photography - Special Rules

Visual Arts - Special Rules

Special Artists - Special Rules

All submissions are due to the Reflections Drop Box at the Granger Front Desk by October 18, 2019.

Questions? Contact Srilatha Garikipati at lathakonda@yahoo.com.